Day, Night and Eclipse (Three Way Diamond Earring)
Day, Night and Eclipse (Three Way Diamond Earring)

Timeless Jewelry Creation Limited

Day, Night and Eclipse (Three Way Diamond Earring)

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Timeless Jewelry Creation Ltd, a boutique jewelry store located in the heart of Causeway bay, Hong Kong. It is our privilege to provide our customer with a wide range of finely crafted and designed jewelry.

This pair of earring are wonderfully designed and crafted so that with simple adjustment on the jacket, you can show case this earring in three different ways as below for different occasions.
1, Stud earring without the jacket.
2, stud earring with the jacket as a halo ring.
3, stud earring piecing through the flip down of the halo ring (halo ring hanging below the stud)

This beautiful Earring comes in the specification below:
Material:18K White Gold
Stones: 58 pieces of diamond weighting 1.17ct
Size: 7mm x 7mm main piece, 11mm x 11mm Jacket

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