FAQ | Jress.com

Q: What does Jress.com mean? And even how to pronounce Jress.com?
A: Jress pronounces just like the word "Dress". We have "Dress" spell with J to show we want to bring Jewelry to compliment any outfit.

Q: I have a question about a piece that I like on Jress.com, how can I contact Jress.com for more enquiry?
A: 1, Simply click on the “Chat with Jress” with Facebook messenger icon (show picture) which shows on the right bottom of the window, our staff will be ready to help or you may leave us message out of office hour
2, Click on “Contact Us” on the Bottom Navigation Section and leave us you contact details
3, Call us on (+852) 3488-6930 or leave us voicemail of your name, contact detail and enquiry
For all email, voicemail, messages, we will get back to you during Jress office hour (Monday to Friday 09:30 - 18:00 GMT+8)

Q: What is a "Product 360"?
A: Our Product 360 enables you to view the items in all angles that provides a "better than in-store" shopping experience

Q: How long does it take to order?
A: Most of the products have limited stock, ordering will usually take 3 weeks to process (order and manufactured). Also, you can leave us a remarks in your order, or message us for customisation request, such as engraving on a ring, length of necklace and bracelet, etc.

Q: How long will it take to ship overseas?
A: For in stock jewelry, depending on the destination and shipping method used, time for the product to reach you may vary, 
    Registered mail (Hong Kong only) - 5 working days
    Registered Air mail by Hong Kong Post - 5-18 working days
    FedEx (Purchace over HKD $5000) - 5 working days

Q: What is your Refund Policy?
A: If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return or exchange within 30 days from when the product was shipped. For more detail, please refer to https://www.jress.com/pages/jress-return-policy or just click on Return Policy on the Bottom Navigation section to find more detail.

Q: How Jress.com guarantees that all products are REAL Jewelry?
A: All of our suppliers (and ourselves) are bounded by Law of HKSAR, specific Law such as《Trade Descriptions Ordinance, Chapter 362, Laws of Hong Kong》is enforced where consumers are protected from false, misleading or incomplete information and misstatements in respect of goods provided in the course of trade

Q: I have 750 marking on my jewelry, what does it mean?
A: 750 = 18K Gold

Q: How does Jress protect customer’s personal details and privacy?
A: Browsing: our website uses HTTPS secured protocol to encrypt all traffic to ensure our security standard. Payment: we use Paypal. Shipping: we only use registered shipping method which is trackable, and we have full insurance on every piece shipped from us.

Q: How can I add jewelry to my cart?
A: Get into the product page and click add to cart.

Q: How can I change the quantity of Jewelry I order?
A: Click on - or + to deduct or add item.


Q:  Does Jress.com show their product price in other currency?
A:  Yes, we do. There is a currency selector on the top right corner on each page, simply click on and set the currency you choose to view. However please note our base currency is HKD and is what you will be billed, other currencies are there for reference only and will be different than what you be billed depends on the currency exchange rate by the payment method selected.

Q: Looking for a necklace, any way to search only necklace?
A: Yes, there are 3 ways to search for it. 
1, Click on SHOP then you can choose necklace from our collection list  
2, Click on the magnifier icon on the right top corner of the page and enter necklace, it will show you all necklace product on Jress.com. For more discount product, please go to Premium Outlet.     
3, There is a Bottom Navigation section which show up all the collection on the bottom of each page, just simply click on necklace and it will link you to the page.

Q: How much can I save in the Premium Jewelry Outlet?
A: You could save AT LEAST 50% off the retail price of the product in the Premium Jewelry Outlet section. Quantity is limited, so don’t miss out!

Q: What is a "Product 360"?
A: Our Product 360 enables you to view the items in all angles that provides a "better than in-store" shopping experience.

Q: How can I pay for the product I selected?
A: We accept payment by Paypal, MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express, and our new addition is bitcoin by bitpay.

Q: How can I get the HKD $200 cash coupon?
A: Just Subscribe to our newsletter now and you can get the HKD $200 cash coupon.

Q: I am running a Jewelry shop, and I would like to expand my product exposure to the internet. How can I join Jress.com as a supplier?
A: Firstly, Thank you for interest in Jress.com. Please Email us at info@jress.com or call us on 3488 6930 for more detail. At this stage, we only accept Jewelry retailer and wholesaler/manufacturer incorporated in Hong Kong.

Q: How does the package looks like?
A: It will be packed in an appropriate jewel box, and for extra protection, we will seal it up with a Jress Bubble bag, and then the packaging bag requried by the shipping method selected.

Q: Is there any jewelry for men?
A: Good idea! We have been thinking along the same line too... but not just yet. Simply subscribe to our newsletter for product updates and promotion, so you don’t miss out when we do.