Setting Craft - What is Pavé Setting?

In design, Pavé Setting means that putting abundant tiny gems together to set. For procedure, the way of fixing gems is to shovel out the projecting peg from the inner edge of the mortise to hold the gem. Then, press from outside to secure the setting.

The original meaning of Pavé is “pave”. For example, the sapphire ring below is to pave sapphire on cabochon to create splendid effect, (more product photos and Jewelry 360)

The invention of Pavé Setting allows putting tiny gems together creatively for bigger product. So, it can increase showing the w space and have better use of the narrow space for the ring. The main diamond is brought out by tiny diamonds. Therefore, it is often used in wedding rings or rings with bigger main stone. Our selected pink sapphire ring, which has not undergone heat treatment, adopts Pavé Setting to bring out the beauty of the sapphire.

(Why “blue” gem is pink in color? Read our other article about Sapphire)

Since Pavé Setting uses pave set or prong set to handle abundant gems, sometimes gems will fall off due to size adjustment or undesirable craft. Therefore, before purchasing, the safest way is to choose the store with good reputation and with rich experience!

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