March birthstone - Aquamarine

Wanna become quick-witted? Aquamarine may make your dream come true!

The English name “aquamarine” comes from Latin. “Aqua” refers to “water” and “marine” refers to “ocean”. The color of aquamarine is in aqua blue. Sea is the origin of the universe and everything becomes active since March. Therefore, aquamarine is the birthstone of March. Aquamarine symbolizes intelligence, braveness,  calmness, peace and well-being. It is equivalent to “Vishuddha”, the fifth primary chakra according to the Hindu tradition of tantra. It helps enhancing the expression capability and language ability. After wearing aquamarine jewelries, you can be more communicative and creative. It is helpful for all walks of life. Jress editor always write articles and this is definitely a must-buy item for us!

So, let us recommend some Jress jewelries to you. The first product is “18K White Gold Aquamarine with Diamond Pendant”. (more images and Jewelry 360
The combination of clear aquamarine and shiny diamond is pure and clean. The design of the pendant is similar to a ballet dancer, which the aquamarine is her ballet dress. It shines glamorously and shows the elegance!

Another product we recommend is “18K White Gold Aquamarine Necklace”. (more images and Jewelry 360)

Square-shaped aquamarine looks like the treasure under the sea. Gradual change of pale blue color is like the winking from mysterious eyes. It makes one eager to take a glance what is inside!

From the artistic perspective, aquamarine is mainly in azure or aqua blue. Blue or aquamarine tone can be shown by appreciating quality amethyst from different angles. The hardness of aquamarine is 7.5-8. It is harder than general blue gems apart from sapphire. Another characteristic of aquamarine is the needle-shaped object inside. Under the observation of the magnifying glass, all are needle-shaped object inside the aquamarine.

Since there is some minor flaw in natural aquamarine, aquamarine is mostly undergone thermal treatment for pursuing better colour. These are the acceptable areas. However, if you see blue cotton fibre, it is artificial aquamarine. For natural one, the cotton fibre is white. As the crystal is hard to be colored, the blue pigment is attached on the cotton fibre when dyeing. Since the price difference between them is large, you should identify carefully when purchasing or consult well-reputed store.

Wanna become quick-witted? In this March, buy some aquamarine jewelries to treat yourself or give it to special “her” for the birthday gift.

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