February birthstone - amethyst

The birthstone of February is amethyst!

The word “amethyst” comes from Ancient Greek and its original meaning is “not drunk”. It can enhance one’s analytical and judgement that he/she can make the correct choice in difficult situation. Amethyst is regarded as “King of crystals”. Epicurus, an Ancient Greek scholar, praised amethyst as Venus’s eyes in his work “Natural Works”. Amethyst symbolizes honesty, peace, kindness, intelligence and courage. In Western countries, it represents “guardian stone of love” and guards couple love.

After knowing so much for amythest, you may wish to own an amethyst jewelry at once and become as beautiful as Venus. So, let us recommend some Jress jewelries to you. The first product is “Mysterious Purple and Fresh White Pearl - 18K White Gold Pendant” (more images and Jewelry 360). The combination of white pearl, shiny diamond and mysterious amethyst is fresh and modern. You can become the queen after wearing it!

Another product we recommend is “Purple drop - 18k Amethyst Ring” (more images and Jewelry 360). Pear-shaped amethyst and sparkling diamond supplement and complement each other to shine sharply!

From the artistic perspective of amethyst, the highest rank of amethyst is in pure purple. It is mainly in pale purple, dark purple, fuchsia and indigo. Red or blue purple tone can be shown by appreciating quality amethyst from different angles. Besides, quality amethyst is perfectly cut and no defect can be seen in naked eye.

Most of the natural amethysts have color range. Also, gradient effect can be observed. It is cool in contact with the palm. The temperature of natural amethyst will increase due to body temperature rise and will finally be equal to body temperature. Artificial amethysts do not have the above features. Since the price difference between them is large, you should identify carefully when purchasing or consult well-reputed store. For maintenance, amethyst cannot be irradiated in high temperature. Otherwise the color will fade and the amethyst will become ametrine. So, be aware not to contact high temperature object in daily life so as to avoid color fading.

In this February, treat yourself, your family or friends with a beautiful Amethyst piece from Jress.com!

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