April birthstone - Diamond

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Everyone knows diamond is girl’s best friend. In girl’s talk, you can always hear conversations like “Which diamond do you like?”, “Where do you get this diamond pendant?”, “The diamond ring of that celebrity is so large! What is the carat weight?” Yet, do you know diamond is the April birthstone?

The English name of diamond comes from the Greek word “adamas”, meaning “hard, invadable”. Diamond is the hardest known substance of the world. Due to its invulnerability, it is used to symbolize forever love. So, many wedding rings are embedded with diamonds to represent the solemn pledge of love between lovers. Besides, the hardness and clearness of diamond also symbolize purity, truthness, elegance, soberness and determination. As these criteria also apply to people who born on April, that’s why diamond represents April birthstone.

Don’t you think that the meanings behind diamonds are so inspiring? And do you want to own some right now? First, Jress introduce this “Hanging Garden Ring” (more images and Jewelry 360) for you. The arrangement of diamonds looks like the flower bud which extends to the sky, showing uniqueness and multidimension. Wear it! Then you can own a private hanging garden on your finger!

Then, Jress recommend this pair of “3 Way Diamond Earring” (more images and Jewelry 360). As the name implies, the most special feature of the earrings is the 3 ways to wear. You can stud earrings without the jacket, or with the jacket as a halo ring, or piercing through the flip down of the halo ring (halo ring hanging below the stud). You can change the wearing combination for different occasions and shine your beauty everywhere!

For picking a beautiful diamond, you should not miss out the “4Cs of Diamond Quality” by GIA, which refers to color, clarity, carat and cut.

Diamonds have different colors, including 7 colors from rainbow, black and white. The highest rank of diamond is in bluish white, with pure white comes after it. The real color of diamond can only be observed under standard lights. According to the GIA standard, Rank D is the highest color rank for colorless diamond. It refers to colorless diamond and it is extremely rare and precious.

For clarity, pure diamond has the highest rank. Diamonds contain inclusions in nature. The color, size, type and amount of inclusions directly affect the clarity of the diamond. Generally, if the diamond shows no inclusions under observation of 10x magnifying glass, it can be described as flawless diamond.

Needless to say, the heavier the carat weight, the better the diamond. The diamond rings wore by the American socialite Kim Kardashian, one weighs 20 carat and the other weighs 15 carat. They are all shiny and gosh… please give Jress a pair of sunglasses!

Cut is also an important element for qualifying diamonds. For well-cut diamond, when light enters the diamond, it will refract from the diamond surface. It is very bright and aesthetic. On the contrary, poor-cut diamond is very dim and not aesthetic. By adopting the current international universal GIA standard, diamond is observed in subjective (observation) and objective (measurement) factors. Then, determine the whole cutting effect of the diamond belongs to which category, from Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair or Poor. In short, well-cut diamond possesses several obvious features: table size from 52% to 62%, total depth from 57.5% to 63%, girdle is thin to medium, smooth girdle and symmetrical.

Are you still worrying for the April birthday gift? You should have no worries after grabbing some ideas of diamond. Actions speak louder than words! These shiny diamonds are waiting for you! Go pick some in Jress!

Reference: GIA’s Estimating a cut grade booklet

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