Colored gem kaleidoscope - Sapphire

Who do you think of when mentioning sapphire? Jress guess a lot of you will think of Princess Diana, who passed her wedding ring to her daughter-in-law, Duchess of Cambridge! This huge sapphire ring is not only our sharp collective memory of sapphire, but also the princess dream for every girl! 

Jress also recommend our sapphire pearl ring (more images and Jewelry 360). Round and white pearl brings out the shininess of the sapphire. Besides, the combination of pearl, diamond and sapphire is very modern, isn’t it?


The word “sapphire” comes from Latin, the original meaning is “blue”. However, are sapphires all blue in color? Actually, among the corundum of gem, only “ruby” has its own name. Gems in other color, no matter in green, orange or in mixed color, they can all be called “sapphire” in general. Isn’t that interesting? Let Jress introduce “blue sapphire” for you this time.

From the artistic perspective of sapphires, the highest rank of sapphire is in pure blue. The industry and collectivists give nicknames to different sapphires according to their color tone (or with other color slightly). For example, “cornflower blue”, “royal blue” and “Australia blue”. The best sapphire regarded is Kashmir sapphire, which shines in “cornflower blue” (look like purple).

In last episode [Colored gem kaleidoscope - Ruby] (facebook link), we have introduced that ruby has undergone a generally accepted optimised stage “thermal treatment”. It is also a common practice for sapphire. Proper heating can increase and stabilize the color of sapphire. On the other hand, there are still many blue ores in nature, for example tanzanite, tourmaline (in many colors) or spinel. Although they are in different blue tones, their prices are far lower than real sapphire. You should be careful while purchasing or you can consult reputable shops for further details.

It reminds Jress of a recently watched Korean movie “The Handmaiden”. A female theft made up as the maid of a noble mistress. When she saw the earrings that the count gave to the mistress, she said “This is not sapphire, it is spinel instead. But it’s okay, spinel is precious too. Even many experts cannot find it out!” This is the example of sapphire being mixed up!


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