Colored gem kaleidoscope - Emerald

Emerald has been mined for making jewelries for a very long time. It can be dated back to ancient Egypt era. At that time, a well-known mine was named after Cleopatra. In the past, Europeans believed that emeralds could cure many diseases. According to Old Testament, it was recorded that the resurrection of Jesus was related to emerald. Therefore, emerald also symbolizes newborn.

Among the criteria of emerald’s value, color is more important than clarity and transparency. It is very rare for emerald to be completely clear and flawless in nature. Most of them have cracks or contain inclusions. In other words, the existence of inner substance can determine whether the emerald is natural or artificial.

Emerald cannot be 100% clear and transparent due to its inborn inclusions. Most of them are small crystals and it is very difficult to find big ones. Thus, the unit price of emerald increases by multiples. Even so, their beautiful emerald color made them invincible!

Emerald is quite fragile. It can be crashed easily and cracks appear. In order to protect the structure and emphasize the colour of emerald,

the craftsman developed a tailor-made “Emerald Cut”. The products of adopting “Emerald Cut” are classical and elegant. Therefore, this method also extends applying on diamond and other kinds of gems. It is brilliant that emerald has its unique cutting naming!

Besides, jewelry designers like to pave finely divided diamond around smaller emerald. It is very common in practice. The diamond can set off the beauty of the emerald. It can also increase the value of the whole piece of jewelry! The 18K White Gold Pears Emerald Classic Ring is the best example of a classic elegant emerald jewelry! (more images and Jewelry 360)

The most famous emerald place of origin is Columbia. The huge emerald ring lost in Chinese singer Na Ying’s concert, is also originated from Columbia. It is very difficult to get a giant emerald now. So, it is definitely a great news that she didn’t lose the ring!

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